best heels sandals for women to wear with fancy sarees

List the best heels sandals for women to wear with fancy sarees.

Sarees are the most tempting outfit, and women are obsessed with them, especially in India, where people love traditional dressing and pairing them with fancy high heels.

Wearing basic footwear and casual slippers with a saree is ordinary and often seen among females, however, for special events, gorgeous ladies need to be dressed a little flashy and catchy.

Footwear impacts the entire saree look exceptionally!

According to my POV, a saree has excellent potential to make women look in better shape and attitude, but the question is: are you taking the full benefit?


You become DYNAMIC when you put on the best quality heels with a saree!

We have listed the most beautiful high heels you can wear for an unforgettable look. Remember to read the blog entirely for better understanding.

Top 10 Best High heels to wear with Sarees.

Trust me, high heels with sarees can effortlessly make you look like a goddess as it elevates the statement of every cotton, georgette, and silk saree.

Stylish Ankle Strap High Heels

Stylish Ankle Strap High Heels

Ankle strap heels are popular among women, college girls, office ladies, and females who work in the field because this stylish, versatile, and hottest high heel type gives ultimate comfort.

A heel with an ankle strap paired with sarees is a new comeback. It comes in various colors that you can match with different saree designs and shades. Try ‘em on!

Sarees and Chunky Black heels

Chunky Black heels

Pick this fancy heel with a saree for both simplicity and a sensual glance. It can double the beauty and grace of the saree and blouse and holds the ankle firmly, which fixes the posture.

This pair is universal and can complement any outfit you can imagine. Especially with a golden saree, all-over black, orange silk, and net sarees, chunky heels are ICONIC.

Show off Wedge Heels with Sarees

Wedge Heels with Sarees

How about wedges? Hopefully, you must have tried it with your other garments but a saree because many women have this misconception that it is getting too heavy at the bottom can trouble their walk.

Wedges are the most comfortable footwear to wear with a saree as they are thicker from behind and give incredible support at the front. Shop some best quality and lightweight wedge heels online.

Glitter Heels for a Saree look

Glitter Heels for a Saree look

It is a perfect heel to wear with a dark saree, the dazzling shimmer highlights your image even in a no-make-up look. The golden glitter high heel is all you need to command the fashion over the place.

 Many Bollywood celebrities have tried glitter golden heels on ramp walks, red carpet, and for meet and greet overall appealing looks.

Stilettos for a Bomb saree look

Stilettos for a Bomb saree look

Stilettos leave a smashing influence when paired with the hottest ladies’ garment: A SAREE! A Stiletto is thin and long heels and looks highly decorative with both heavy and plain fabric sarees.

Combine these two for a wedding when you wear bright colors and a designer blouse with a nicely trapped dupatta for a tall look, good posture, and a fuller back figure. You will love it. 

Red Platform Ebony heels

Red Platform Ebony heels

Want to take your saree game to the next level? Then leave overthinking and put on these cute and chic red platform heels that make you look in style, together, and a highly maintained DIVA.

Red is a color of love and grace; It matches every saree color and event. We suggest them for parties, date nights, and weddings; they are also the best heels for college freshers and farewells.

Shine Bright in Glass heels

Shine Bright in Glass heels

Look your best throughout any event with the glass heels paired with a saree, it is a rare but deadly combination to recreate the designer heels trend and be the glass-like baby of the show.

Cover up in these eye-catching glass heels. Shop the best material glass heels for a saree and get all set for unleashing your inner Cinderella.

Flaunting Block Heels with Sarees

Flaunting Block Heels with Sarees

High block heels are popular among women and teenage girls who lack experience walking in very high heels. This is because blocks always maintain your walking style, regardless of how tight the saree you have put on.

Brides can pick block sandals for their wedding for exclusive ease of walking and dancing without hurting their feet muscles.

Pump High heels for Saree

Pump High heels for Saree

Pump heels are the next universally accepted ones by women; they are versatile and come in various designs, heel sizes, colors, and styles. The pointy cut at the front makes you look sharp and edgy, which means it goes smoothly with loose-fit sarees rather than slim-fit bottoms.

A raw silk saree in traditional shades can be easily carried when styled with lightweight pump high heels.

Hot Saree looks with Peep toe heels

Hot Saree looks with Peep toe heels

For dance lovers, peep toes are your essentials!

The open toe high heels with sarees with a full-sleeve blouse look much more graceful than simple flip-flops. If you are wearing a saree for the first time, peep toe shoes can give high stability while walking.

Shop your best anti-skid and trendy open-toe heels online from designers who claim the finest materials and cushioning inside footwear.

High heeled boots for Cool Saree Girl

High heeled boots for Cool Saree Girl

Girls who love experimenting and are daring must try high heel boots. It covers the feet entirely, supports leg and calves muscles perfectly, and comes in distinctive materials ranging from low to high prices.

Boot with heels, when paired with a saree, gives you freedom similar to bare feet. Always invest in high quality heels online, which is the key to attaining maximum pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Many heel trends are coming in and out, which makes women need clarification about which high heel they should invest in. When it comes to wearing heels with a saree, the listed fancy heels women can save your day.

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