What are the best pregnancy shoes? – 12+ Best Shoes For Pregnant Women

“Are you in the best phase of your life and want to cherish your moment?

Do you also want to give yourself a stylish look during your pregnancy, with good outfits and the best pregnancy shoes?

Let’s discuss how.”

The happiness of being pregnant is not only for the woman but for the whole family, and, at that time, she needs much love and care is necessary.

Because as the baby grows, different changes start taking place in the part of a woman’s body, such as enlargement of the stomach, increase in the size of the butts, swelling of the legs, etc.

Some women feel embarrassed that they have become fat and will not look beautiful. Still, it is not that you can look beautiful by taking care of yourself and by doing regular yoga, exercising, wearing cute fluffy outfits, etc.

As we can see, few social media influencers have set new styling trends, baby shower traditions, and photoshoots.

If you are working, you need fashionable and comfy shoes or heels during pregnancy. Right?

There is a myth I heard from many women that wearing heels at the time of pregnancy can be a cause of miscarriage.

According to research, they deny accepting this myth; a pregnant woman can wear heels, even without hurting the baby’s growth, but yes, choose only those heels and shoes that are comfortable for you.

How to Choose Comfortable and Best Pregnancy Shoes?

Choose footwear with the exact size of your Feet.

During pregnancy, due to changes in the body, you will see a difference in the size of the feet, so buy footwear according to the size of the feet that will be comfortable and not hurt your feet.

Sometimes we buy and wear footwear smaller or larger than our exact feet size. Then we face difficulty in walking because during pregnancy uterus of women grows and increases the pressure around the pelvic area.

This process slows down the blood flow in women’s bodies and causes swelling in the feet or ankle area.

So, that is why do not take such a risk that will lead you to more pain during pregnancy. Always choose comfy shoes and the best shoes at that time.

Footwear with Good Arch and Ankle Support

It is highly recommended to choose shoes with good arch and ankle support. The boots with good support will comfort and help reduce the joint pain women experience during pregnancy.

Check the Base of the Heels

Choose heels with a broad base and have a low heel during pregnancy. When you enter the fourth month, do not choose footwear with heels more than two inches; the shoe’s heel is not pointy.

Toes of the Footwear

Choose shoes with a wide toe area instead of clingy or narrow ones that always pinche your toes and disturbs you in walking.

Feet can take Breathe.

Choose heels to help your feet breathe freely; tight footwear will not let your feet breathe.

Here is the list of the best shoes for pregnant women

1. Women’s Ankle booties

Women’s Ankle booties

These Booties are made up of synthetic, and the soles of the shoes are made up of rubber—the approximate height of the platform is 0.50 inches, and the block heels’ height is 1.75 inches.

It is pretty comfortable for wearing on a long day.

If you are a pregnant and working lady, purchasing this bootie will be the cherry on the cake because it is best suitable for ladies with wide feet. It has low-stacked block heels and is so smooth that it does not harm your arches.

2. Women’s Cutout Pointed Toe Ankle Bootie

Cutout Pointed Toe Ankle Bootie

It has environment-friendly faux leather with a V cut on the side of the booties.

It has pointed-toe chunky heels and a variety of cute shades.

It has a zip on the back for a change of design, which is easy on-off.

It is best suitable to wear in summer, spring, and autumn, and going outside for shopping, date on the beachside for a long drive and paired with denim, or beautiful dresses.

It is comfortable as well as fashionable because of the chunky heels and ankle bootie that make it wearable all day.

These ankle booties are best suitable for pregnant women because they are made of soft material and ensure that feet will not slip. Freaking beautiful, and fashionable, and the quality is the best.

3. Women Snow Boot

Women Snow Boot

Go and enjoy the snowfall. These women’s Ice boots are the fittest in the snow.

They are lightweight and give profit for a long time; they also have an advanced traction rubber sole that is great for slip-free movement.

An Amazing winter shoe for pregnant ladies is also crafted with waterproof leather.

It is just great for pregnant ladies because its adjustable feature protects the feet.

You can wear thick socks with these snow booties.

4. Women Low Wedges Ankle Boots

Low Wedges Ankle Boots

Beautiful and stylish wedge heels have a round toe design and a TPR outsole for smooth movement.

It has a side zipper design that is great for easy on-off with a rubber sole, cushions insole, and wedge heels approx. 2.75 low heels for comfort.

5. Women Waterproof Rain Boots

Waterproof Rain Boots

These waterproof shoes are the best for you to wear in the rainy season. You can also wear them in snow time.

 It has a rubber sole and broader base, which is grateful for pregnant women, and the height from the calf is less, just not in existence.

Purchasing these shoes can be your best decision because of the extreme warmth and great way to on-off.

6. Women Espadrille Platform Cross Mid Heel Sandals

6. Women Espadrille Platform Cross Mid Heel Sandals

This Women’s Boho khaki closed-toe espadrille platform sandals have slingback low wedge heels.

If you are in the starting days of pregnancy, these low-heeled sandals are a great choice to provide comfort by efficiently managing your body weight on wedge sandals.

 It has a brown-grey spring round toe and elastic straps with a criss-cross design. You can add these espadrille platform sandals to your summer collection for outdoor, home, office, shopping, etc., with any outfit

7. Women Leopard Print Sandals

Leopard Print Sandals

Women’s Leopard Print Sandals have a rubber sole, making them slip-resistant and have a more reliable grip.

It has a top strap and velcro closure, an excellent feature of this women’s sandal because this hook and loop are locked together, making it easy to use.

8. Women Ankle Strap Closed Toe Espadrille Platform Sandals

Espadrille Platform Sandals

Women’s Ankle Strap Espadrille Sandals are the best used in travelling time and the best choice for pregnant women.

 It is made of natural jute material, making its base’s cushioning system tremendous and providing a satisfactory walking experience.

Its platform height is approx1 an inch. This elastic slingback heel has a criss-cross strap design. You must have Espadrille Sandals in your summer collection to wear in the office, shopping, party, etc.

9. Women Wedge Heel Mid-Calf Ankle Boots

Wedge Heel Mid-Calf Ankle Boots

Cycling’s Women’s Mid-Calf Ankle Booties have Wedge Heels. The heel height is around 2.95 inches, and the shaft height is 5.5.

If you start the day of pregnancy and go on a tour, wear these warm snowshoes and enjoy your moment. 

Why these warm snowshoes?

The rubber sole makes it more slip-resistant and ultra-lightweight. The upper fur-lined keeps your feet warmer.

 If we talk about the quality of the shoe, you will fall in love with the look of the ankle booties, and their cushioned insole grasps your feet to give comfort.

10. Women Walking Sneakers Shoes

Women Walking Sneakers Shoes

Now It’s a turn to let you know about the most comfortable footwear, which is just not for pregnant women but for all.

The Mesh Fabric in it allows air to cross. It’s super lightweight and flexible, and its soft, smooth fabric makes it more comfortable.

High-Quality rubber sole material makes it fall or slip-resistant. The shoe’s design is more attractive, and an elegant air cushion helps you wear this shoe for a long time.

This beautiful pair of shoes are suitable to wear regularly for walking, jogging, Gym, casually, shopping, travelling for your dance, Zumba, athletic, or workout.

11. Women Loafer Sneakers Shoes

Women Loafer Sneakers Shoes

You may find it the same as the previous one in just look but let me tell you about a slight difference.

 The first thing is that both of these are great for pregnant ladies. This sneaker shoe has a synthetic sole and elastic cuff for easy put on or take off.

 The smooth fabric keeps your fit comfortable for a long duration. It is also lightweight and flexible.

 These loafer shoes are suitable to wear regularly for walking, jogging, Gym, casually, shopping, travelling for your dance, Zumba, athletic, or workout.

12. Women Wedge Sandal

Women Wedge Sandal

This Women’s Wedge Sandal has a Rubber sole, which is essential to make the footwear slip-resistant.

The heel’s height is approximately 2.25, which is not a high heel and is perfect for walking and wearing. And cushioned foam on the footbed gives your feet comfort. Buy from here

All In All

As I have mentioned, the top 12 footwear for pregnant women does not mean girls or ladies who are not in their pregnancy periods cannot wear it.

Before buying, check out the size chart and choose the right one for yourself; these are the best to gift someone as well.

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