How do uncomfortable heels affect your health

How do uncomfortable heels affect your health?

High heels are synonyms of style, elegance, and luxury.

Fashion-centred girls truly love them.

1 out of 10 women wears high heels often per week.

Are you one of those girls who wear uncomfortable heels just because they look pretty?

It is disappointing to see gorgeous ladies adopting painful wear.

The worst thing is regularly wearing those bad heels hurts feet and can impact physical wellness badly with consequences you can never imagine.

Today, we will uncover many side effects of wearing uncomfortable high heels.

Along with that, you will also get to know:

  • Signs of uncomfortable heels and
  • Why are Some heels uncomfortable?

Bad Health Effects of Uncomfortable High heels

Uncomfortable high heels cause harmful effects beyond the feet by extending to several body parts.

Let’s know how uneasy heels affect our health:

Bad heels cause chronic pain.

Osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis pain may cause chronic illness and intense pain in women’s bodies.

Ladies are already sensitive to arthritis, and wearing poor quality and unsupportive heels can further raise the health danger.

Blisters, Athletic foot, ulcers, and nails issues

Awkward heels or uncomfortable shoes are designed with hard, stiff, and unsafe fabric that causes blisters, ulcers, and nail infection with the rough friction of skin with the material of heels.

Several symptoms, such as itching, heel swelling, bad smell, and skin peeling, may be signs of athletic foot infection.

Uneasy heels affect the spinal curve and neck muscles

Prolonged wear of uncomfortable women’s heels can leave nasty cramps and aches in the lower and upper back, slowly altering the spinal cord and the back joints.

Besides, the connection of the back ankle to the neck muscles can disturb the Splenius capitis and splenius cervicis which may injure the head moment.

Occurs Bunions & Metatarsalgia

Bunions never occur instantly but in the long run, after you adapt uneasy heels and shoes. The ball of the feet got swelled and caused burning pain just below the toe and fingers.

If you are a heel lover but never go with the best quality and comfort, you are more likely to get caught by numbness in your feet.

Uncomfortable heels cause back swelling.

Continuously wearing less supportive and too-tight heels directly affects the back muscles. At the initial stage, ladies might not feel many postures difference, but gradually the inflammation occurs.

Signs of Uncomfortable Heels

So, how would you recognize a heel which is not comforting?

In simple words, trust your intuition.

The best quality of high heels satisfies the soul and gives peace to the mind.

While the uncomfortable pair of shoes always leave you in pain and regret.

Here are 5 main signals of a poor heel:

  1. Your feet start to hurt within the first 30 minutes  
  2. Too-tight high heels
  3. You will walk strangely and uneasy
  4. Weak material, slips, and trips often occur
  5. The ankle does not balance appropriately while walking

Why are Some heels uncomfortable?

Even sometimes, the best-branded heels leave your body and calves muscles’ in intense pain. Do you ever wonder why some heels cause endless pain in the feet, calves, and back muscles?

Reasons can be many, including:

  1. Quality and the material of the footwear
  2. Improper heel size
  3. Bad quality insoles
  4. Some sales offer poor designs
  5. Bad fitting also results in uncomfortable heels

Because it is undeniable that footwear impacts our entire being greatly, we must always invest in heels with maximum comfort.  

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The Bottom Line

Thus, uncomfortable heels can be dangerous to health. We don’t want to scare you, but to make you a bit aware!

They can leave out girls in doubt about fashion, so it is important to always invest in better heels.

The comfort level of heels reflects in our behaviour, how we walk, our body language, and the most precious ‘our health.’

The more comfortable, the better you will feel & react. Avoid purchasing something that doesn’t suit and serves you at its best.

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