How do you stop heels from making noises

How do you stop heels from making noise?:9+ Best Tips

Every woman loves heels. After all, wearing them makes us appear more elegant and confident when we walk.

However, heels can be embarrassing sometimes. Imagine entering a quiet room and drawing everybody’s attention by making that clicking noise of your heels.

All the people in the room stay whatever they are doing to look at you. This could be embarrassing, especially when you are arriving late to a meeting or in the wrong place.

The heels will make you notice but if they are creating noise, you won’t be glimpsed for good reasons.

Sure, there are moments when clicking heels might be empowering but most of the time, excessively audible clicking heels can be annoying for the wearer as well as for the bystanders.

You certainly don’t want to be that irritating person intervening in a serene quiet moment with the unpleasant click-click-clicking of overly loud heels.

The good thing is that you can lower this noise. You can reduce up to the maximum limit of the sound produced by your heels if you try these different tricks and techniques.

Therefore, here we will discuss essential tricks and tips to apply on your high heels. Try them and see the difference they will make.

But before going towards the techniques, let’s first know some of the reasons why heels cause noise when walking on them.

Why do Some Heels make noise while Others are Quiet?

Different elements are responsible for causing the difference. 

The following could be some reasons behind your heels making noise when you walk.

Oversized heels

Wearing oversized heels will end up making more noise when walking. Therefore, fix your shoes if they are oversized. 

Every time you order your heels online, make sure that you are ordering the right shape and size. Neither oversize nor too tight for your feet.

Your Walking Style

The way you walk can impact the noise created by your shoes. If you walk with aggressive heavy steps, they will increase the impact your heels make on the floor and result in a loud noise. 

To reduce the noise, try to walk with a smooth effect and lower your steps while walking. This will, alternatively, rectify your posture. 

You can read our other blog where how to walk in heels is perfectly explained!

Heel Sole

Some soles are loud as distinguished from others. Prefer one which is of good quality and makes less noise.

Worn Out Heels

When the surface of your heels wears out, they uncover the metallic tip. 

When the exposed metallic heel tip comes into contact with a hard surface of the floor, they usually make more noise. 

Avoid wearing worn-out heels as it is also risky since the metallic tip can easily slide on smooth floors.

Let’s now dive into the tips and tricks to lessen the noisy heels —

Change the way you walk —

Before getting into the litany of options for silencing your stilettos, you might first want to consider simply improving the way you walk. 

Loud clicking heels aren’t just obnoxious, sometimes they are entirely ostentatious, a way to “notify yourself”.

Just try not to step so forcefully and dramatically. One of the easiest ways of making heels silent is to avoid hard surfaces. If your place of work has soft carpeting, just walk normally and you’re probably unmistakable.

If you are stuck walking on hard surfaces, try moving with the options below!

Fix a High Heels Caps on Your Shoes —

Some high heels have pointy tips and pointy tips are terrible at making noise. When you step on hard ground, the sound can be embarrassing.

However, we got you a fashion hack so you don’t need to worry too much when wearing high heels shoes.

All you need to do is buy high heels caps and attach them at the tip. The caps are easy to fix. They will lessen the noise of the high heel and the amount of noise after fixing the cap will be unnoticeable.

Use Gel Cushions —

Gel cushions will work the same way as sole caps. They absorb all the shock and sound created by your high heels. 

However, there is a minor difference between the gel cushions and high heel caps. They absorb shock and lessen all the noise from your shoes when it slams on a hard surface.

The cushions are not only resourceful sound deadeners but give stability when walking. 

Wearing shoes with gel cushions will give you accurate body posture when walking.

Try Anti-slip Sole On Your Heels —

Rubber soles deter noise coming from heels when walking. The soles are also safer as it protects you from tumbling even when you are walking on a slippery floor.

The rubber sole needs to be settled underneath your heels. So, it mandates experience and expertise. It’s not something you can do on your own unless you have experience.

 You can also buy self-adhesive anti-slip soles online. Fix them on your shoes and you are ready to be in action.

Use Foot Foam —

Foot foam decreases the impact of the sound produced by heels while walking. It works exactly as gel cushions.

The only difference is that foam is easier to install as compared to cushions and that is what makes them more resourceful.

These are made with shock-absorbing rubber and the foam helps reduce all noises coming out of the heels.

Nonetheless, prevent walking on wet or slippery floors as the foot foam can be slippery.

How to use foot foam —

You can find these foot foams online.

You need to just peel off the adhesive and attach the foam to the shoe. 

Now, you are done with the installation and you can enjoy walking on your heels with no more worries about the obnoxious noises!

Use Duct Tape Method —

Duct tapes are very effective in soundproofing. This tape can moreover be used in reducing noises from the heels.

How to apply duct tape:—

Wash your heels properly to remove any debris and dirt from your heel sole. 

The dirt will make the duct tape less adhesive on your shoe.

Dry out the heel.

Don’t fix the tape on a wet shoe as the duct won’t hold adequately on your heel.

Use various layers of duct tape to ensure the quality of soundproofing. The thicker the tape, the better the results. 

Keep in mind to attach the tape according to the size and shape of your shoe. Excess duct tape will make your heel look unpleasant.

Paste Felt Fabric on Your Shoe —

Purchase a strong and durable felt, then cut it nicely with scissors and adhere it to your heel with super glue.

Remember to cut the felt fabric according to the size of your shoe. 

Or you can also apply super glue on your heel and place the felt on it, and wait until it dries.

Once the felt attaches firmly to the shoe, use scissors to trim the felt that is needless and extra to the heel.

In case the felt fabric falls off, reapply it.

The felt fabric absorbs shock and lessens all the noise coming off your shoe. 

Rather than using the heel cap, you can give this simple technique a try on your shoe, and it will cancel out most of the noise produced by heels.

Buy Quiet Heels —

If you have tried everything discussed in this blog, but are still bothered by some noises, go for quiet shoes.

Quiet heels are designed with rubber soles. As said previously, the rubber soles are capable of absorbing noise created by heels when they come in touch with a hard surface.

There is no greater alternative than purchasing quiet shoes.

Final Words

Now, You don’t need to worry about awful noises when walking on your heels. 

Soundproof your heels and walk like a model on a ramp or an actress on the red carpet. 

To acquire the best results, combine various soundproofing tips and techniques. 

Whether you prefer heel caps or gel cushions, there are several affordable techniques that you can opt for and try on your own.

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