Comfortable Heels For Women

How To Make Heels More Comfortable?- 6 ways for Comfortable Heels

High Heels offers the most elegant walking experience.

In high heels, we prioritize fashion and style over pain. People think that if they wear high heels, the pain is natural. For most women, high heels are proportional to severe pain. It is not necessarily true.

Comfortable heels can make your day and uncomfortable heels can irritate and frustrate you.

Let’s know the science behind the heels and 6 ways to make heels comfortable.

What is science behind the heels?

Our natural way of standing on the floor is flat feet or barefoot, which supports good balance, posture, and muscles.

When you wear shoes that disturb the body’s natural position, like high heels, it directly changes the body’s gravity centre and posture.

By changing the body’s original state, you feel uneasy with heels.

6 Ways Of Making Heels More Comfortable: Comfortable Heels

The things that make high heels comfortable are the design, height, insole, and flexibility of a shoe.

Every time you buy a new pair of shoes, such vital things must be kept in mind. 

1. Choose a high heel shoe that fits perfectly

First and foremost, always wear footwear of the appropriate size. Sizing in selecting shoes is impactful when we talk about comfort.

You can adjust high heels to a little bigger size with shoe liners, padding, and cushions. You can stretch the shoes by wearing socks with high heels at home before wearing them outside. Tight shoes maximize the pain and cause blisters and injuries. 

A good pair of shoes in the correct size is comfortable and looks perfect.

2. Keep your lovely feet hydrated to prevent roughness.

When you keep your feet hydrated, they tend to get less affected by the heels’ friction.

Roughness and continuous rubbing of the skin with the shoe cause blisters bites, cuts, and redness.

You can use moisturizer, baby oil, and deodorant to keep them healthy and smooth.

When you put on your heels with wet or damp skin, it results in rashes and excess moisture. You’re supposed to wear them when you dry your wet feet If.

Your feet have become hot and sweaty; it is best to remove them for a while and let them relax.

3. Maintain a confident posture

When walking with your favorite pair of high heels, try to keep your legs entirely straight. Heels cause an imbalance in body pose that may lead to bending knees and forward.

Many females face problems in their hips and lower back. Always keep your back and shoulders outstretched, and your legs straight.

4. Wear platforms, block heels with straps

Wearing platform heels and block heels are more comfortable than stilettos. Thick-bottomed heels are stable and offer support to the feet and reduce the risk of falls and slips.

The heels with adjustable straps work well with comfort and glamour.

5. Go with more enormous inclined angled heels.

If the heels still hurt even after considering all significant aspects, hold your heels and look at the inclination.

The arc between the heel and the ball of a shoe makes an inclined angle: the more significant the angle, the more severe the pain.

The next time you buy a new pair of shoes goes with the pairs with a larger inclined angle.

Another way to check out a similar scenario is to always go for heels, which have more distance between the heels and toes.

They also point to a larger arch angle.

6. Use Heel Liners.

Heel liners are a blessing for women who often face the issue of blisters, discomfort, and getting out of the heels while walking. You may attach heel lines to the rear of a heel.

Other Tips

a) If you have already brought the pairs and there is no chance of giving them back because they probably stole your heart. In such cases, many DIY and proven medical means are made to reduce heels’ pain and impact on any part of the body.

b) Take bandages and sprays with you to apply directly when you feel injured. Mint sprays are best for making feet relaxed after long walk-in heels or in the meantime.

c) Spending a good day in some wrong pair of high heels can hurt later. It would be best to soak your feet in warm water or massage them with the proper oil in such cases.

d) A tennis ball exercise helps your lower foot muscles.

All In All

These are the tips to make your heels more comfortable. Check out our other posts to know more about High Heels or buy stylish high heels for our collection section.

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