How to select the right size of heels and why it is important? : 7+ Best Tips

Women in heels look stunning, and it is an undeniable fact!

The right size of heels can put together even the most basic outlook – they make you look more attractive.

Darlings do not feel as awesome as they indeed are in the wrong size of footwear. And therefore, it is necessary to know how to find your exact heel size.

This article will teach you to find your ideal fit and help you look and feel best.

How to Measure Shoe Size?

It is not to mention how vital the shoe size is!

Correct footwear measuring helps in walking with ease and comfort.

While buying heels online, use the shoe size chart given by the website. You can take a measuring tape and note down the length of your foot.

Not every shoe company offers the same size and may vary it. So, be attentive when you decide on a final measure.

Few Simple Tips to Pick the Right Size of High heels

Footwear that lacks comfort brings girls endless irritation.

Too tight and loose high heels can be painful as they get rubbed with the skin and causes blisters & rashes.

Let us move forward with the efficacious tips:  

Try out Heels when delivered.

Justify your purchase when heels are delivered at home –If it has buckles or straps, do tie them nicely; this will help you identify if the fit is correct as per your measurements or not!

Heels should neither be too loose that your feet come out nor be too tight that it turns harsh on your skin.

A slightly bigger size

Instead of going with a smaller size than yours, prefer the large one as it will not cause leg pain.

It is always better to buy a bigger size than your actual size. Consider placing silicon pads and gel pads to keep the foot in a proper place.

Moreover, walk around the room before making a final decision.

Leave 8th of an inch behind heels.

Nobody wants to harm the back of their foot with too-tight shoes.

It is better to leave a space of about 8th of an inch than zero inches between the skin and the shoe. Also, go ½ of an inch at the front to the longest toe of your feet.

Use the Mirror in your Room  

In the end, use a mirror to check your posture and how your heels look.

Check your toes’ and heels’ position and how much your legs bend and feet fold. Ignore footwear if your toes are soaring or if they are coming out.

Check the Comfort

Some people pay less to save money, but it costs them comfort. Remember that your top priority should be quality and not the price tag.

Indeed, it is your investment not only in fashion but also in your impression and personality.

Good quality heels allow you to work comfortably and look more elegant and relaxed.

Importance of Wearing Correct Heels Size

High heels are always the no. 1 footwear of every girl. People think heels are the enemy of comfort, but these are the only people with less knowledge about the right kind of women’s heels.

Somehow many heels can be a little hard on us, especially if they are women’s stilettos, platform heels, and 6 inches heels, only if the buyer did not purchase them wisely.

Women end up choosing the wrong size, which leads them to vogue.

To discard the additional discomfort, the right size of heels is essential. 

  • The right size does not make you look stranger and zone out.
  • The wrong heel size can cause back pain, neck pain, and muscle stretch.
  • A woman wearing too loose and too tight heels looks unattractive.
  • You can slip and fall in heels, not of your size.
  • The suitable size of heels is essential to prevent skin itching and blisters.
  • You can have a correct posture and a smooth walk in your accurate fit of heels.

Additionally, it is always gentle to wear what fits right for you and not just what is trending. It is impossible to achieve satisfaction without the right size of high heels.

Bonus Tips for Heel Size

Read below some quick tips to improve your heel time:

Use Gel Pads and Insoles

You can always use gel& silicon pads, extra soles, and various heel inserts to correct a slight variation in heel size. Soles also work like magic if your feet slide inside the sandals.

Lubricants to ease the pain

Frictionless lubricants, bandages, moisturizers, and deodorants work perfectly to ease the pain caused by tight and disquiet high heels.

See a cobbler

Sometimes footwear fits well in certain areas and tight in others; find a professional cobbler to fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

Right Heel Size can break heel curses as they eliminate the long-term consequences. But the problem is that women rush once they find an eye-candy heel.

Whether it is a platform heel, pump high heels, block heels, or regular footwear, these tips will always help you find the best pick.  

Each of you can trace back here if any heel style and brands confuse you with their variable size charts.

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