How to walk in heels for beginners?

How to walk in heels for beginners? : 7+ Best Tips to walk in heels

 “Every expert was once a beginner.”

Institute of Spine Health says that 77% of women wear heels, and 49% prefer them for daily wear. Despite this, many women are unsure how to walk correctly in high heel shoes. 

High heels are the most popular among girls who are fashion-freak, ready to improve their looks, want to gain self-esteem, and be a high class women. 

However, it is always a big question for beginners how to walk in heels comfortably.

Today, we will teach you some simple tricks to guide you on how you can ease the first wear in heel sandals. 

List of the steps for beginners on how to walk in high heels.

how to walk in heels for beginners?

1. Choose the right size of the shoe

Incorrect shoes can cause great trouble.

Too loose and tight footwear results in an uncomfortable walk.

You might have picked the wrong fit if you can barely move your fingers inside the heels.

Likewise, tossing up heels from footwear when walking signifies a loose shoe.

The consequences of the wrong heel size reflect in your body language.

Therefore, you need to know your perfect size before valuable heels shopping.

2. Start with Low and Comfortable Heels

High heels don’t always mean wearing 5-6 inches. 

Choose the heel height as per your convenience & comfort. 

For example, Kitten heels, block heels, and wedge heels have ideal height for a fresher.  

On the other side, platforms and ankle strap heels also give an excellent grip to the feet.

So, in my opinion, they are a good go-to for a fresher woman. 

Along with low heels (2-3 inches’ heel height) – double-check the material and quality of the product you invest in.

These two main things affect the experience of a newbie lady in heels. 

3. Practice Walk in Heels 

 Beginner women need to put a lot of work into practicing a walk in heels. 

A simple way to do it is by walking on an imaginary line, or you can just draw it on the floor.

Watch your posture and place a step forward the another, how a cat walks. 

It will make a smooth flow of legs.

Start with small steps.

Most people walk too fast in heels, even when they are beginners.

And therefore, they fail to get the results. 

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4. Know the right way of walking: Heel toe walk

Many people don’t know the right way to step on heels. 

It is always heels first and toes later. 

Practicing a heel-toe can lead to a professional walk as it boosts the walk cohesively. 

Doing the opposite may make you look funnier.

Many women have been making the same mistake for years without realizing it.

5. Look at your posture in high heels

Chin up, ladies, and face the world. 

Wearing high heels for the first time can disturb the posture, and fixing it is all your responsibility. 

Though with Practice, you can maintain good body language.

For that slightly stretch your shoulders, back and chest out a little, and avoid making a hump at the back. 

Besides, make yourself at ease. Relax the rest of the body and believe in your walk. 

6. Practice with socks

You must have heard that Practice makes a man perfect; let’s modify it, “Practice makes women perfect. 

Practice walking in front of a full-size mirror with socks on. 

Footwear will be a little stretched and feel familiar to your feet. 

At home, you can wear heels to perform small tasks such as preparing dinner, grocery shopping, playing with children, etc.

Trust me, ladies, it is one of the easiest and most tested methods for beginner walking in high heels. 

7. Choose Staple heels with closed toes.

Staple heels are hot, chic, and sassy.

They are best for beginners because they provide ankle support, fine grip, and a slaying look. 

Sliding fingers remain a big issue for girls in heels. However, closed-toe heels can eliminate this problem. 

I prefer a good moisturizer and a foot cream to prevent blisters and chafing. 

8. Wear heels with good quality soles and cushions

Adding insoles helps feet and heels relax when wearing heels.

They are shock absorbers, and you won’t feel the ache of hitting the ground. 

Besides, the footpads offer a well cushioning that spreads the foot weight finely to balance the body weight while walking. 

Isn’t it surprising?

Moreover, my favorite part is that the heel soles have size variations. 

Just pick your perfect match, and ROCK it!

For Conclusion 

We studied the simple tricks of how a beginner can easily walk in high heels.

Hopefully, none of you will take the guide for granted. 

Give it time and invest efforts patiently to achieve great results. You can share the simple hacks with women who often trip in footwear and lack the right way to carry themselves in heel shoes. 

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