How to walk in heels without falling

How to walk in heels without falling?:11+ Best Tips

It’s no secret that we women love our high heels, and while we don’t wear them exclusively or only on some special occasions.

I’m one of those heel lovers who’ll insist on wearing stilettos, no matter what the situation!

I do wear them on a pretty usual basis and which means I have to face a lot of time answering questions like the ones – like, “Do you REALLY wear those heels all the time?

Are you ok, woman?” and “Do you have veiny feet? Can I see them?” 

Honestly speaking, it’s quite irritating to face these questions and more irritating to answer them as I don’t know how to answer back!

Some sets of heels may be less comfortable than others, but in general, I’ve never found them extremely difficult to walk in.

I can’t recall ever “learning” how to walk in high heels, either, which means that when people raise a question to me that how I do it, I always have to think about it for a while, and try not to reply with, “Um, I just… walk?”

Today, however, I’ve had a nice long thought about the fine art of walking in high heels, and I present to you some of my best tips on how to do it. 

 It is completely possible to find amazing heels and dance, jump, and run in them all night without tumbling. 

Keep reading to snatch a few tips on how to make your day and nights out in those lovely heels like stilettos painless and fall-free.

How to walk in high heels: a directory for beginners

Progress and Work your way up

If you’ve never worn heels on a normal basis or regularly, a set of 6″ stilettos possibly isn’t the best spot to start. 

Rather, go for something mid-height, and, once you mastered walking in those, start to slowly work your way up. 

Wondering about it now, I reckon this is how I “learned” how to walk in high heels. I wasn’t aware of it as a learning process at that time, but I know the heels I contemplated super-high as a teenager, say, would feel pretty short to me now, so I believe I started small and shifted up without certainly realizing.

More thickness of the heel leads to more easily walk on it

Commonly, the thinner the heel, the more difficult it’ll be to balance on it, so when you’re still practicing walking in high heels and trying to get used to it, go for thicker, sturdier heels, which will provide the foot more stability and bestow you more confidence.

Never wear new heels without breaking them in

 If you can’t walk in heels, it could be because you haven’t worn them properly. 

A lot of people just by wearing them around the house, or while doing the house chores or whatever, claim that it’ll help you get used to walking in heels.

Platform soles make high heels feel lower

Platform shoes might seem crazily high, but they can be much easier to walk in than non-platforms, as the platform makes the heel feel lower. 

A five-inch heel with a one-inch platform, for example, will feel like you’re walking on a four-inch heel, which is a lot more reasonable!

Wedges feel like flats, but look like heels

If you’re really endeavouring and struggling to walk in high heels, wedges are your pals. 

Due to the extra arch support, and the fact that the sole of the shoe is completely flat, they’ll give you height, sometimes a lot of height without compelling you to do much in the door of balancing. 

They’re the most livable and comfortable pair of high heels to walk in, and also probably the easiest, so they make a wonderful starting point if you can’t walk in high heels, and want to learn.

Step from Heel to Toe

It’s best to pursue your natural step when you walk in heels

People walk in flat shoes by depositing their weight from heel to toe. 

When walking in heels, seize the same approach and spill the weight of your foot from the heel, through the arch, and to the toe.

 Pose with a Good Posture

This advice will help maintain you upright. 

When walking in heels, imagine there’s a rope that is dragging you up from the top of your head. 

This will provide you with more balance. You will stand taller, your legs will be straighter and your entire body will deem lighter.

Lean Back, Just a little!

Walking in heels frequently means that you end up going at a more stagnant pace than you want to go. 

If you see yourself craning your neck forward to compensate, then lean back just a bit to retain your posture.

Look at Your Destination

You’ll look more attractive and graceful if you gawk at your end destination point as you walk. 

Taking your steps with goal and confidence will impress any spectators. 

Just be sure to also look around for any grates or curbs that may be in your way.

If you can master this, you will walk and slay like a queen.

Strengthen that Core

Surprise! There’s a motive why you perform all those planks in yoga. 

Your abdominal muscles assist you to stand upright, so having a strong core will bring walking or running in heels a breeze.

Scrape Your Bottoms

Utilize sandpaper to rough up the undersides of your heels. 

The trenches created from the scraping will protect you from sliding on slippery surfaces.

Make Sure They Fit

Shoes should give you a comfortable feeling when you try them on. 

If they’re irritated when you try them on, they’ll be even more unbearable when you’re walking. 

Never pick out heels that are just slightly too big or small and think that you can make them fit. 

However stores sell inserts to make your miss-sized shoes fit nicely, but these inserts almost don’t work. 

The only stuff you should go for inserting into your shoe is cushioning or padding for comfort. 

Your shoe should fit you from the beginning for a better walk and comfort.

The takeaway — 

We aimed to contain every reasonable trick and tip to enable you to walk without trembling and elegantly in high heels. 

We’d love to hear from you as a heel wearer on this, though, particularly those of you who found walking in high heels impossible at first, but figured out how to ace it: what was your technique?

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