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How to walk in high heels?: 7+ Useful Tips

  “Give a girl the right pair of high heels and watch her conquer the world.”

High heels are a girl’s best buddy. They help you to stand up taller, look slimmer, and make you more confident. 

There is nothing more empowering than wearing a perfect pair of high heels and pulling it off like a pro. To make sure your heels help you to strut elegantly, it’s important to buy the best ones and learn how to navigate ways in them.

A confident walk is a must when you are wearing heels, and it’s like a cherry on the cake. This makes you and your heels look more stunning and more elegant.

 A confident walk in heels is an art and a total game changer.

Walking in high heels can be a little challenging and tricky, especially if you are not used to it.

However, nobody is born a pro. Learning, and practice make you efficient and proficient. 

Follow these useful tips and you will be striding like a model in sky-high inch stilettos in no time.

7+ Tips for Walking in High Heels Comfortably

1. Work on your legs 

Walking in high heels is not an easy job, even for models who wear them almost every other day. 

For an elegant walk, make sure that your leg is straight and forward extended while taking a step. This will help you walk gracefully and elegantly. Otherwise, your walk can appear choppy.

2.  Start with taking smaller steps

Walking in high heels is not similar to walking you learned when being a toddler, so you have to follow a few things that might seem counterintuitive.

Take small and slow steps and walk normally as you do in flats. Don’t try to compete with strides by taking bigger steps.

Small and dainty steps make your walk look natural and you will feel more comfortable.

3. Break In: Practice before wearing it in public

Breaking in your new heels is necessary as it removes stiffness and helps to mold your heels to your feet shape.

Practice your walk in the new heels at your home before showing up in public and build your confidence.

4. Walk heel to toe

Try to walk as normally as you do while wearing a pair of flats. Don’t put all your weight on the balls of your feet while taking a step, rather switch your weight forward as you are walking on your toes.

5. Walk on an invisible line

Models oftentimes cross one foot forward to the other to give a perfect body look. 

The best way you can get a sway while walking in heels is to walk following an imaginary straight line.

6. Wear heels outdoors frequently

Wear your heels to the supermarket so that you get used to them. For a perfect balance, use your shopping cart.

7. Practice standing restful

Along with learning to walk in heels, you should also know how to stand in heels. Practicing standing can save you from the social embarrassment of shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

While standing, put your weight on the toe of one foot and switch feet when that one gets tired.

8. Use insoles or cushions

Whenever there’s a lot of pressure or friction, try sticking cushions inside of your heel for more comfortable walking.

The final say

We tried to include every possible trick and tip to enable you to walk elegantly in high heels. As they say, practice is the only door to perfection, so, be patient while learning, especially if you are a beginner. 

Overall, walking smoothly and elegantly not only gives you a confident personality but also a better look and an elegant body posture.

A bad walk is one of the major factors of miserable body posture.

Keep endeavouring and slaying with your walk!

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