How to Wear Heels that are too Big?:6+Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for tips and tricks about how to wear heels that are too big?

You feel worried when you mistakenly buy heels that are too big.

Let’s find it here.

Women who wear big-size heels often slip their toes out of the shoes while walking, leaving a gap between the heels and feet, which is quite annoying.

Whenever you walk in too big heels, it feels so clumsy when your feet come out of the heels. 

They’re probably embarrassed later if someone catches them handling the more giant high heels.

In most cases, this usually happens when you liked a pair of heels at first sight, but you found that they are not your perfect fit. 

But to satisfy your heart’s desires, you chose it, whatever its size. In this case, the downside will have poor body posture, an uncomfortable experience, and too big heels suck!

How To Wear Heels That Are Too Big: Tips and Tricks

 All women can follow the great ways given in the article to fit their feet in more big size heels.

How to Wear Heels that are too Big?

Wear Heels With Gel Pads

Gel Pads are a great way to resolve this problem because they support the foot’s ball and tighter the heels. 

From the point of view of health and posture, gel pads are the best solution. They soak up pressure; improve the grip and stability of the feet in the heels.

Doctors usually recommend gel pads if you face problems related to the feet, causing fatigue, pain, and discomfort. 

You can blindly trust the idea of using a gel pad with your high heels.

Use Extra Insoles In Heels

You can put inner soles that will make an additional layer to the base of the heels.

This will help you in making the heels perfectly suited for your feet. Depending on the size of your feet, you can select the proper sole size.

 Also, according to the need, the appropriate thickness can be chosen.

You can contact your cobbler to take the precise size of your feet so that a good fit can be set up. Also, a cobbler can make a custom sole if you want to.

Put Cotton Or Fabric, If You Like

This may sound foolish and cheap, but this method works. When you’re wearing high heels with closed toe and your heels are too big. 

Don’t think of anything; pick out a piece of cotton or cloth.

Roll it in a small round shape and fit it into the toe portion of a shoe. Put on your favorite pairs and conquer the world with a smile.

You may need to change the cotton after some time, as it reduces in size due to pressure and force applied by the fingers and toe.

Tie Straps To Your Heels

In general, this method works if you’re wearing heels for a party or something too glamorous. 

If your heels don’t already have straps attached to them, then you can choose this stylish way to improve the size. 

All you need to do is make an effort to find an appropriate band and a matching fabric that best suits your heels’ contrast. Tie this band around your heels and feet.

Now you can easily walk with the shoes on. This will add more beauty and style to your attire.

Use Heel Liners

At the rear of the heel, liners are fastened to make a heel more fit and comfortable at the same time. 

Heel liners can be hooked with glue, and sometimes they are self-adhesive on shoes. These fill the gap between the feet and the high heels. 

 A similar colored or transparent heel liner works well, and nobody will be able to point out if you’ve added something to your heels or not.

Place Heel Pads Under Your Feet

Heel Pads prevent your feet from slipping forward in the heels. 

You can use them in open heels and accept them as a blessing for your footwear. 

Some girls are confronted with the problem of continuously slipping off their feet into their shoes. 

Keeping that in mind, heel pads prevent unnecessary slips and trips.

In Bottom Lines

In this blog, the 6 tips mentioned above will help you wear heels that are too big in size.

However, I would like to give you one more piece of advice you should always wear the right size heels otherwise they will be uncomfortable for you to carry.

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