How To Wear High Heels Without Pain?

How To Wear High Heels Without Pain?- 10 Ways to Wear Heels Easily

“A wise woman once said, “If I could put on my heels painlessly, I would have worn it for life.” 

Everyone wants to wear high heels but always has one question in mind how to wear high heels without pain?

Every Girl loves wearing heels, and they can wear them without hesitation if they do not cause such potential pain. 

However, many women choose heels when they need to look bold, classy, stylish, and at their best. They neglect that heels damage their health and muscles in the long run. 

From young girls to grandmothers, women wear a variety of heels. 

While many women always skip the fun part of wearing heels because of the complicated effects and pain in the body.

Top Ten Ways To Wear High Heels Without Pain

What if I say, now you can wear high heels with no negative impact? What if I recommend the best ways to put on heels? 

What if I tell you you can wear heels for hours without being hurt?

Well! I know the answer would be “YES,” and it must be. After deep research and my own experience, many different ways have been found by which a lady can comfortably wear high heels without pain.

1. Silicone Gel Pads 

Silicone gel pads are the best to reduce pain and damage to the body’s muscles. 

They absorb the shocks created when the heel touches the ground, directly affecting the rear part of the body. You can relax your feet with gel cushions, even in flat shoes. 

I want to convey that these are specially designed to reduce the pain that occurs by putting on high heels. Come on, get them now, and see the changes.

 The pads are intended to be placed under the heels to provide comfort and relax the feet’ muscles. It would be best to try the gel pads once in a lifetime.

2. Give A Little Stretch To Your Feet

 Stretch your feet before you wear a pair of heels. You can get help from YouTube and do a couple of yoga poses. 

This exercise will help your feet place more comfortably and gently in high heels.

Stretching improves muscles’ strength so you won’t feel the minor pains caused by bad heels.

3. Put On Thin Socks

The primary way to keep your feet off the pain is using thin socks; specially designed for high heels. 

Cotton socks may consume more space, making the heels tighter and not leaving the skin harsh.

 Choose socks matching your color tones to buy a skin fit and nude pair of socks. This way will reduce friction and redness.

4. Sprinkle Spray Inside Heels

Shoe Spray can make the heels painless. The reason behind this is that it can stretch out the shoes. 

Ensure you’ve tested the spray on the skin to ensure safety. You’ll be amazed by the spray’s instant results on the high heels, where you feel the hardness and stiff portions.

5. Maintain A Good Posture

High heels can be a blessing if you even pay some attention to your body pose. While walking, follow a definitive rule made for body positioning. 

Walk in an upright and confident position. Practice a straight and relaxed place in front of a mirror. 

An improper way of carrying yourself can cause aches in the lower limb, neck, and shoulders.

6. Grab Quality Heels 

Pay special attention to the material used and the sole inserted in high heels.

 Inferior quality materials and soles cause blisters, wounds, and discomfort while walking.

Our feet keep in touch with the footwear and never compromise a good quality on anything.

7. Massage Your Feet

Give your feet a soothing massage because they deserve it. 

They carry us from here to there but never complain; we always hurt them with inadequate footwear. 

Always massage your feet weekly to improve your flexibility. These will help in the better holding of shoes and increase the strength of muscles.

8. Shop Footwear In The Evening

 We prefer to buy footwear in the morning as with the passing day; our feet become swollen by increasing blood circulation.

 Purchasing heels in the morning when feet are smaller than the regular can create issues like worn-out skin and blisters due to extra tight heels.

9. Apply Bandages 

 Many women have already used this hack. A Bandage being first aid always work wonders in giving the best treatment. 

You can attach a bandage to the back of your foot. It will eliminate the pain of rubbing heels with the skin.

10. Use Deodorant On Hotspots

Deodorant may always be found in women’s handbags. 

It doesn’t matter where you are if you feel like scratching your feet and soft skin with your heels’ rigid surface. 

Take out your deodorant stick and softly apply it to the affected areas. These will leave a beautiful fragrance with effective results.

All In All

Women just imagine wearing high heels without pain, but with the ways mentioned above, you can wear high heels without discomfort to achieve a fantastic walking experience.

Stay tuned with Girls Heels for more such content.

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