leather sole vs Rubber Sole

Leather Sole vs Rubber Sole: Which Shoes Sole is best?

A good footwear sole can turn a tough hike into a park walk, while a bad sole can make a park walk feel like rock climbing. 

If you are a heel lover, you must be aware of the support and security a heel sole can give. 

When purchasing new footwear, we give more attention to style, design, and color.

Moreover, shoe grip and stability come from a better grip, and a better grip certainly comes from an excellent shoe sole. 

Leather sole and Rubber sole are the two popular types of high heels soles, always in competition and high in demand.

Just as leather, Rubber is also looked upon as a fashionable and supportive shoe sole material.

Both are equally resourceful and thus steal designers’ attention –it is not easy to know which one to choose and for what purpose. 

Let us know the main differences and specialties between leather sole and rubber soles. 

What is Rubber Sole?

Rubber sole, as the name suggests, is made from polymers of Rubber, has excellent elasticity, and last longer.

However, the sturdiness and strength depend on the Rubber in high-heeled shoes. 

It is mainly used to wear high heels, mules’ heels, sports shoes, and work footwear daily. 

What is Leather Sole?

The leather sole is made of animal skin and has a tendency to contour as per the shape of feet.

Leather soles have been popular for many years and are widely recognized as luxurious footwear soles. 

Natural leather is used in making extravagant clothes and footwear. Leather-made high heels soles have excellent comfort, style, and long life. 

Comparison of Leather sole and Rubber sole

We have put together a comprehensive guide to clarify the differences between leather sole and rubber soles. 

Both have their own upsides and downsides. 

The durability of shoe sole

unmatched quality and the layers count impact footwear cost. 

Leather Sole

Layers make the leather sole strong; 3 layers work like magic. The more the leather layers, the better will be the endurance.

On the other side, the least coating invites early damage and breaks insoles.

Thin foot pads are not ideal for everyday wear.

Rubber Soles

Rubber soles possess impressive resilience and robustness. 

Stunning for every day as the elastic is extremely tough.

Rubber’s tensile strength makes it perfect for long-term wear even for decades.  

Looks at the shoe sole

Leather Sole

We all know that leather goods are royal, fashionable, and expensive

Anything made of leather becomes the epitome of elegance & formality. 

Also, the looks and style depending on how the designer has cut the sole, it is essential.

Rubber Soles

Rubber is widely used in making athletic shoes, sneakers, and casual and work boots. 

Besides, it is considered less formal and graceful than leather.

But some craftsmen think if they cut the thin layers of rubber sole and work more deeply with it, Rubber is no less than leather soles.

The comfort of the shoe sole

Leather Sole

In general, leather is considered the hard shoe material whilst it is not accurate all the time.

The amount of cork added to leather makes it much more cushioning and smoother. 

Thus, it is completely wrong to give the uncomforting tag to leather soles. 

It is the ability to mould according to the feet as made of skin. 

Rubber Soles

On the other hand, Rubber has undoubtedly softer and easy on the skin.

And therefore many people often choose it over anything.

The flexibility of a rubber heel sole is commendable that may not be seen in any other type of shoe sole. 

Odor Resistant of the shoe sole

Leather Sole

Since leather is a natural high heel sole material, it is impervious to smell and bacteria growth, two main causes of odor. 

And therefore, it does not create a smelly odor and can easily make the air passage. 

Rubber Soles

Rubber smells a lot, especially when wet or damped.

However, it protects you from harmful conducting regions. 

The bacteria growth on polymer rubber tends to become at a rapid rate. 

Leather & Rubber are always looked upon as ideal shoe soles. Because both have their pros and cons, it depends on what you consider important to you. 

Likewise, different type of rubber sole and leather has different qualities that completely depends on the way they have been used and cut in the manufacturing process.

The Bottom Line 

Leather soles are natural while rubber soles are man-made. Both leather and Rubber are proficient for all types of footwear. 

The grass is greener on the other side and people will always prefer something they don’t have.

Nothing in this world is perfect. Perfection is a disguise; we choose things that fit right to us. 

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