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List of the different types of heels with names and pictures: 27+ Best Heels Type       

“Heels Make you stand out.”

There are so many options in heels that often confuse dazzling girls when it comes to choosing the right pair for them.

Most of the time, girls are quite clueless while selecting shoes as they are unaware of the different types of heels in the fashion world.

Now, we are here to help you with a list of types of heels, so you do not get confused about the name of heels and which ones to wear when.

Types of Heels with Names

  • Ankle Strap Heels: Look Extra Stylish
  • Kitten Heels: Timeless and Trendy
  • Pump Heels: Fashionable and Classy
  • Wedge Heels and Sandals: Elegant walking experience
  • Block Heels: All-time favorite
  • Chunky Heels: Your First Love
  • Lace up Heels: sophistication Redefined
  • Strappy Heels: For that chic look
  • Cut Out Heels: Dashing and Funky
  • Platform Heels: Your Ultimate Pick for Prom nights
  • Cone heels: Let’s cut a dash
  • Peep Toe Heels: Be the enchantress
  • Mules Heels: Gorgeous for Divas
  • Sling back heels: For that confident look
  • Flat Footwears: Your Daily partner
  • Tie Up Heels: Elegance Personified
  • Stiletto: Feel Like a Celebrity
  • Spool Heels: Practical and Voguish
  • Flare Heels: Pop Up with New Heel
  • Gladiator Heels:  Sleek and Sexy
  • Loafers: For Those Formal Evenings
  • Fringed Heels: Chic Chic Boom Fire
  • Cork Heels: Bloom in Spring
  • Ballroom Heels: Naach Meri Jaan Nach
  • Corset Heels: A Style Statement
  • Espadrille Heels: Eye-catching and
  • T-Strap Heels: For Effortless Look
  • Square Toe Heels: Go with Fashion Swing
  • Cuban Heels: Enjoy Every Beat
  • Pointed Toe:  For Attractive and Appealing Look

Let’s know about the types of heels with name and pictures in brief

Ankle Strap Heels: Look Extra Stylish

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels fashion never ends. This type of heels has a thin or thick strap around the ankle to give extra security to your feet.

The strap can be single or multiple, with small or broad buckles to make it look extra stylish.

You can wear them anywhere, anytime. It will definitely go with all types of outfits.

Kitten Heels: Timeless and Trendy

Kitten Heels

The evergreen and stylish kitten heels are also mid or low footwear.

Kitten heels are used by those females who try to avoid wearing high heels because of discomfort.

Fashionable kitten heels can be used on a daily basis because they are super comfortable for walking.

This type of heel has a thin base and is between 1,3 inches.

Pumps shoes: Fashionable and Classy

Pumps shoes

Pump heels are classy and fashionable, and you will find them easily in every girl’s wardrobe. Pump shoes are closed from the front, and their height relies on below 3 inches.

This one is specially used for office-going girls and cocktail parties.

Wedge Heels and Wedge Sandals: Elegant Walking Experience

Wedge Heels and Wedge Sandals

Wedge heels are most commonly used by those who don’t want to wear stilettos or feel uncomfortable in high heels while walking.

Wedge heels top the list in the comfortable heels because it has extended soles from the front to the back, making them more comfortable without any doubt.

Wedge sandals are perfect for a pleasing walking experience.

Block Heel Sandals: All-Time Favourite

Block Heel Sandals

Every woman most commonly uses block Heels. You can find at least one pair of block heel sandals in every girl’s wardrobe.

There are different kinds of designs available in block heels. You can walk effortlessly and wear it for a long time as well.

The base of block heels is also broad in rectangle or square shape. It can be both Open-Toe and Closed-toe.

Lace Up Heels: Sophistication Redefined

Lace Up Heels

Nowadays, the girls’ craze for lace up heels is on top. Lace up heels are a perfect blend of a ballerina and the gladiator sandal.

Strappy Heels: For That Chic Look

Strappy Heels

Strappy Heels are one of the most attractive footwear for girls. These stylish pairs of heels are comfortable, and you can have the option of strappy stiletto and chunky strappy heels.

Strappy Sandals are the perfect go-to with short dresses, skirts, and jeans.

Cut Out Heels: Dashing and Funky

CutOut Heels

Cut out heels are the most stylish and funky heel type. Peep toe cut out heels are much more in trend. It gives a portion of the uppercut out for effect.

Platforms Heels: Your Ultimate Pick for Prom Nights

Platforms Heels

Platform heels are among the most trending and popular types of high heels. This type of heels gives extra thickness from the front and straight or thin from the back.

It is more comfortable than a stiletto, and walking on platforms is more effortless.

Cone Heels: Let’s Cut A Dash

Cone Heels

Cone heels are precisely the same as a cone shape. It is broader at the sole of the feet and thinner at the base. Timeless cone heels come in different varieties with various heights.

 It looks good with all the Indian outfits.

Peep Toe Heels: Be the Enchantress

Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels are a combination of closed-toe and open-toe heels because one, 2, or 3 are visible; that’s why they are known as peep toe heels.

It has various designs like ankle strap peep toe heels, platform peep-toe heels, peep-toe pump heels, etc.

Peep Toe heels look stunning on the feet and are best to wear with summer dresses.

Mules Heels: Gorgeous for Divas

Mules Heels

Love for Mules heels is immensely increasing day by day.

Mule heels in 90s fashion are returning and getting loved by the youth. Mules heels are chic-chic boom fire! These are versatile footwear that is easy to wear. The height of the mule’s heels can vary.

Slingback Heels: For That Confident Look

Sling back heels

Slingback heels look like ankle straps; both have straps around the ankle, but slingback heels have no back support. Slingback sandals have things straps around the heel. They give an elegant look to your feet.

Flats Footwear: Your Daily Partner

Flats Footwear

Undoubtingly, flats are the most useable footwear because no footwear can offer comfort as flat as footwear gives. Your Age, Height, and weight doesn’t matter to buy Flats.

Ballets are also included as flats; you can wear them with casuals.

Chunky Heels: Your First Love

Chunky Heels

Chunky heels have a long rectangular shape base, looking deadly fabulous and every girl’s first love. For sure, you just can’t say no to Chunky Sandals.

Wear chunky heels with cute shorts and bodycon dresses, Skin fit jeans, and trendy crop tops.

Stiletto Heels: Feel Like a Celebrity

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto Heels are the love of every girl and the mother of all footwear.

Every girl once in life wants to wear this. Undoubtedly, walking in stiletto heels is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

Stiletto is available in many more designs, over 3 inches, and covered from the front side. Yes, it is not for inexperienced walkers.

Loafers: For Those Formal Evenings

Loafers for women

Loafers for women are dedicated to completing their formal look. Style it with your skin-fit ankle pants, knee-length dresses and for an evening walk with friends.

Tie Up Heels: Elegance Personified

Tie Up Heels

Tie Up heels are among the most demanding pairs of heels in this style era. Tie-up heels make your look more stunning and give you a better grip to stay comfortable.

Add tie up high heels to your footwear collection and enjoy it with beautiful, fitted, floral, and flare dresses.

Spool Heels: Practical and Voguish

Spool Heels

Spool Heels are coming back in fashion. It is good to go with jeans and dresses flawlessly.

Spool heels are sleek from the top and a little broader from the bottom. It looks good and personifies the personality beautifully.

Flare Heels: Pop Up with New Heel

Flare Heels

The Flare heels base is a little wider like a block heel, but it is cylindrical from the top but spread out more at the bottom.

Gladiator Heels:  Sleek and Sexy

Gladiator Heels

Gladiator Heels have several cross straps on the upper side of the heels. This type of heels is breathable and suitable to wear in the spring.

Gladiator heels look super sexy with spring dresses.

It looks good with heels and in flats as well.

Fringed Heels: Chic Chic Boom Fire

Fringed Heels

Fringed heels are perfect for seeking attention from everyone at parties with a hot and classy look.

Fringed heels are designed to give a beautiful contemporary and traditional touch.

Cork Heels: Bloom in Spring

Cork Heels

Cork Heels are a perfect fit for the summer and spring seasons. It looks elegant with any Indian, western, or Indo-western outfit.

Cork heels give different varieties like strappy cork heels, platform cork heels, ankle strap cork heels, peep toe cork heels, etc.

Ballroom Heels: Nach Meri Jaan Nach

Ballroom Heels:

Ballroom dance heels have a sole that provides a glide across the floor with the hold of the right amount of grip to dance well on the floor.

Ballroom dance heels shoes keep a woman’s weight adequately managed on the heels and toes.

Corset Heels: Your Style Statement

Corset Heels

Corset heels have a little look-alike of lace up heels. Corset heels come in different varieties, like peep toe corset heels, sling back corset heels, open toe corset heels, chunky corset heels, etc.

Espadrille Heels: Finest Pair for Summers

Espadrille Heels

Espadrille Heels are the most loved footwear in the summer season. It is made up of breathable fabric like cotton and a flexible sole.

This heel is versatile and looks heavy, but actually, it is super light weighted. Espadrille high heels seem pretty cool with all types of outfits.

T Strap Heels: For Effortless Look

T Strap Heels

T strap heels make T on the upper side of the heels. It looks super sassy and good to go with all types of jeans, pants, suits, and dresses.

Square Toe Heels: Go with Fashion Swing

Square Toe Heels

In the 21st century, you just have to have square toe heels in your wardrobe. Let your style shine bright with the trends. Square toe heels must-have footwear in the summer season.

Square toe footwear looks cool with and without heels.

Cuban Heels: Enjoy Every Beat

Cuban Heels

Cuban heels are simply considered as low and medium heels. These shoes are comfortable for dancing and are also known as knock-on heels.

Pointed Toe:  For Attractive and Appealing Look

Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed Toe heels are timeless and fulfill the desire to get an attractive look. Because of the pointed shape of the toe, it lengthens the appearance of the legs.

Pointed toe stiletto looks fabulous with body fit dresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Heels

Which heels are most attractive?

If you want to look attractive, go with stiletto, strappy, mules, and block heels.

Why girls wear heels?

Girls wear heels to look more elegant and stylish.

Where can I buy heels online?

You can buy heels from GIRLS HEELS. We are emerging as the style icons of footwear.

What are the types of heels?

There are different types of heels, such as ankle strap heels, kitten heels, block heels sandals, strappy heels, wedge heels, wedge sandals, slingback heels, Mules heels, cone heels, lace-up heels, cut out heels, Stiletto heels, and Pump heels.

Pro Tip for Heels

Do not compromise the stuff quality of heels. If you need high-end quality and durable footwear, you need to lose your pocket a little bit.

Final Thoughts!!

These are the major types of heels. Every heel has its own pros and elegancy.

Flaunt like a boss lady in the trending and stylish heels.

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