How To Find Right Size For your Perfect Fit?

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As you know, finding the right size for your heels and shoes is a must.

Unfit pairs are uncomfortable and may cause foot pain, swelling, and blisters.

Most of us are unaware of the foot size that’s why we have a shoe size chart for you to get your perfect pair in the correct size easily.

The proper size of footwear pair gives you comfort and style.

The best ways to measure foot size at home quickly

1.Put your foot on the blank white paper.
2.Take a pencil or pen and make two marks, one from where your largest toe ends and another at the end of your heels.
3. Now take a ruler or inch tape; you can use any of them that you have and measure the size between two marks in centimetres (C.M)
4. After that, note it down somewhere and repeat the steps 1,2,3 step for the other foot.
5.In the last, check your size in the chart.
Note: Sometimes, it has been seen that the length of both the feet is a bit different. For example, the left is 22.5 C.M, and the right one is 23 C.M, so always go with the larger one.

Shoe Size Chart

Are you still feeling confused about your foot size? Not anymore. Measure your foot length and compare it with the size in the chart.

Badwalk Heels Shoe Chart
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