Why do girls wear heels? : 4 Best Reasons To Know

Have you ever watched a woman strut in 6 inch heel shoes and wonder why in the world she loves and chooses high heel shoes and moves with such grace and elegance without tumbling?

What is it about a woman wearing heels that just screams sophistication?

Heels are a fashion statement and they are the perfect shoe choice for most outfits. When you are in doubt about what footwear to choose you can always jump back on a selection of heels.

Many have wondered why women love to wear high heel shoes other than enjoying the fact that women look really good in them. 

Here are a few reasons why women love to wear these sexy pumps —

Complements Their Outfit

Women are very creative when it comes to their dressing or choosing a perfect getup. If they are intending to go for a party or social outing, they will definitely be wearing a pair of party heels that will complement their dress.

Whether they need to go to work, attend a business meeting, power lunch, evening dinners, or formal events, there has to be a perfect selection of shoes for them to put on which will make them look great and confident.

Heels look terrific with jeans and they are stunning with dresses. Something is amazing about a woman wearing dresses and heels.

These types of footwear make the women feel more feminine and walk in what is considered a more graceful manner.

Makes them more Confident

In today’s world, women are already very confident and rocking every platform whichever they are on and high heels are like the cherry on the cake as it adds more confidence to their beautiful personalities.

If you notice, women who wear high heel shoes will look more confident. 

Makes Them Look Taller and stylish

One of the main reasons why women prefer to wear high heel shoes is to look taller and elegant. Height will always have an advantage somehow as humans tend to be quite optical.

Being human, we are quite visual hence one of the ways heels and height grab attention is always through visual images.

Not only do the heels make women look taller, but it also makes them appear slimmer and more attractive.

Provides a variety of options for different occasions 

Women have every reason to need to wear different high heel shoes to match different occasions they are going to attend.

There are different types of high heels for different occasions. Some are for fun so they can be colorful and creative in designs while others are for more formal events so they will have a more solid color. 

For corporate wear, corporations generally prefer their women staff to wear shoes with a solid or black color that appear sober and simple. 

But if you are planning to go clubbing, you could select from a wide range of modern and creative designs and styles that will satisfy your taste and make you look gorgeous while having fun.

Bottom Line

High heels have been a prominent choice of women’s fashion for years. They’re seen as the rightful choice for many social and occupational events.

High heels tend to be more luxurious and can be a status symbol.

It’s not just a shoe for women but a feeling for when we’re on, for ambition; for magazine covers, red carpets, award shows, boardrooms, courtrooms, parliament buildings, and debate lecterns.

And there you have it. A quick rundown on why women love to wear high heel shoes. 

They get to pick a variety of styles and designs of party heels to wear that will make them look elegant and attractive. 

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Happy shopping ladies!

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