Cheap Heel vs Branded Heels

What are the differences between cheap heels and branded heels?

by hanu The popular debate topic among women gossip is the variable price range and quality of heels. 

We often get confused while shopping for footwear because the same articles are offered at different prices. 

Some with huge discounts while others have high costs. 

If you look at the depth, you may notice a keen difference.

Here, I am talking about the heeled shoe’s quality, value, and standard. 

Before moving towards major differences between cheap and high-quality heels, we will first discuss the possible reasons behind some overly priced footwear.

Let’s begin! 

Why Are Some Heels Expensive?

Money gives you the quality, which is why brands cost big bucks. 

Luxury items are expensive due to specific reasons. 

They are made of innovative techniques. 

Advanced technologies in manufacturing designer shoes and heels add up to the high costs.

Big brands generally use automated high-tech machines to work on deep-focus operations. 

All of this result in better quality and more production success. 

Crafted with top-notch materials

Leather and its variables are rare, deluxe, superior, and timeless. 

They add to the formal looks, elegance, and rich finish. 

Expensive heels are made up of all original materials instead of their first or second copies, which makes them stand out. 

Unmatchable Comfort & Support 

Sleek cutting and material design increase comfort and provide better support. 

Moreover, those heeled shoes hug the skin so firmly that you forget if you have something on your feet. 

Designed by professionals 

Many brands offer excellent hand-made high heels, the hard work of eminent designers who spent their entire lives making the best shoes and heels. 

Those particular heels fit perfectly, age forever, do not tear apart, and have the best soles and cushioning. 

Shouldn’t they be of the best price when they give the best value?

Limited Editions 

Many heels already come under limited editions due to exclusive design style and ultimate quality.

 It makes them a bit costlier than regular shoes. 

And also, such articles became a trend later on that gradually became budget-friendly. 

Some Odds Behind Costly High Heels and Shoes 

Even though the above reasons are transparent for why footwear can have sky-touching rates, many firms stick to prices without valid reasons. 

It could be:

  • Branding with paid partnerships and global advertisements. 
  • Besides, some scams and fraud shoe manufacturer companies falsely claim to provide the best heels, and shoes charge customers extra money. 

The innocent, less educated, or wealthy people who don’t care about giving extra get stuck into such traps. 

Comparing a bad quality and best quality heel 

You might be excitingly shopping on BIG SALES with low prices, but the unfortunate truth is they can have worse quality in more cases. 

The truth is expensive heels are much better than cheap ones. 

Here we prepared a precise list to make you understand it in a better way:

FeaturesBranded HeelsCheap Heels
Material  As mentioned earlier, branded heels are designed with original materials. First-class fabrics can be of a limited edition. They depict true luxury.   Cheap heels are made up of copied materials (no original)They are everywhere, which is why they are offered at low prices. You won’t feel special wearing them.   
Quality  Expensive heels have effluent quality.  They are soft and squishy to the touch.  Your skin will breathe freely into such soles.   Inexpensive heels are mediocre and sometimes below that level. They are never easy on the skin and can cause blisters. You will feel hard stone touch on your feet.   
Longevity  Brands give you value for money.  They are worthy of every penny you spend.  Such heels last longer than decades.   Cheap shoes and footwear break after 4-5 wear. You must have seen tear threads and inner soles. Cracked at the bottom and losing the fabric is a sign of a low-quality shoe.  
Grip & Support  Best heels are never hard to wear; it is a matter of their quality.  Good heel shoes have great heel and leg support.  They are designed in a way to make you accessible & relaxed.   Low-cost cheap heels rarely have a supportive base. Your feet can pop out while walking. Besides, they cause intension force on the leg and foot muscles.   
Heels Weight  Better the shoe quality, the lighter the weight is. They are as light as a feather, making you feel confident and classy.A cheap heel shoe is heavy, annoys a person, and can cause low self-esteem. They also make click-click noise more noticeable.
TextureLooks say it all. Branded heels got the best designs, colors, texture, and aesthetics. Luxury heels are beautiful inside out.  In general, cheap heels can look good for some time; however, they all vanish after some months. Also, they are just outer beauty.
Damage RateNo matter where you go. Step on rocky roads, rough roads, wet floors, etc. Heels are made of cutting-edge technology, and the best artisans endure the damage rate to a greater extent.  On the other hand, footwear made with less dedication and harmful materials is more likely to get caught in external conditions such as heat, water, and complex floors. They break and damage way earlier than you expect.

Why do you need the best quality footwear?

You may now understand why we all need to invest good money in better footwear from the above points. Spending money on a better product is better than wasting it again and again on a cheap article.

The discomfort of wearing heels can be eliminated if women understand the worth of shopping for heels wisely. They are making the right choice while purchasing can help you for a lifetime.

The Bottom Line

Truth is affluent goods give you the cost of comfort, longevity, sustainability, and reliability.

Similarly, if you want a better footwear experience, you must spend handsome money. 

I am not saying every costly heel will last longer. However, it is a matter of company authenticity and the shoe material.

So, this is all about the main differences between branded and cheap heels.

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