What are the most popular high heels types? : Top 5 High heels

Are you also looking what are the most popular high heels types? So let’s start now!

Every woman is a trendsetter and trend follower in their own way.

One thing that everyone should know about footwear is that it plays a vital role in our life, as most people make a guess about our personality from our footwear, and for women nothing can be better than different types of heels.

Many females are unaware of a few things about heels, such as choosing the perfect size, cushioned inner sole, outer sole, when to wear which heels, etc.

Are you facing the same problem? So, continue reading it.

Things you need to know to buy heels online.

Purpose of the pair of heels

For example, if I want to buy heels to wear in my marriage, I will purchase designer and fancy heels as well as, I am a short heightened girl, and I will also be concerned about the height of heels.

And if I want to buy heels for regular use, I will go with block heels or kitten heels; these are perfect for everyday use.

Choose the perfect size

A heel pair that is too big would be uncomfortable, and your feet will come out while you walk; it will trouble your walking experience that’s you should always choose footwear in the correct size.

Material of Heels

Great quality offers great comfort. A heel with good material is super comfortable and lightweight.

Height of Heels

Before buying heels, you should know what heel height is okay for you.

Top 5 High Heels Types That are Most Popular

1. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap Sandals

Ankle Strap Heels are evergreen and perfect to wear, and plenty of varieties are available in the market. Examples are single strap, double strap belts, closed toe sandals, and open toe sandals.

The heels height may vary (2 Inches, 2.5 Inches, 3 Inches, or more); you can buy sandals according to your comfort.

Do you know the great thing about ankle strap Heels?

Let me tell you; it is for every female, which means if you are healthy, chubby, short heightened, or slim you can go with this one and if you are going on a date, for shopping, a movie, or to any function, you can choose as well. Ankle strap heels for women are the most demanded sandals worldwide.

You can carry ankle strap heels with Jeans, Short dresses (one-piece, two-piece, mini skirt, top, etc.), and Indian Dresses like Suits, Sarees, etc.

2. Platform heels

Platform Heels

Platform heels sandals are the most loved and sexy type of heel.

Its front base offers extra support for height.

Platform sandals give a more elegant and impressive look.

It can be wearable with all types of outfits. Platform heels are best for parties.

3. Block heels

Block Heels

Block Heels are one of the most fashioned heel types. Most women in the world use it because of the structure of the base.

It can easily handle body weight and offers comfort and confidence in walking.

Block heel footwear is also perfect to use regularly.

Office-going females use comfortable block heel pumps, and nude block heel pumps are suitable for college-going girls. These are cost-effective and pocket-friendly.

There are several Block Heels Sandals, for example, Open toe, Closed toe, block heel shoes with ankle strap, block heel wedding shoes, etc.

4. Wedge Heel Sandals

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels for women are permanent members and easily findable in the footwear collection of every woman.

Wedges are available in all heights (high, mid, low). Wedge sandals add extra height, give ladies comfort in walking on a rough surface, and help them stand easily for an extended period.

Wedge sandals for women are attractive and comfortable. These sandals are available in different varieties like ankle strap wedges, chunky wedges, open-toe wedges, closed-toe wedges, etc.

With these sandals, you get many options of dresses such as jeans, flares, short and long dresses, Indian and western, eastern, suits, and sarees.

Wedges are a perfect choice for those who are not used to wearing high heels. One of the best things about wedges is that they do not hurt your feet.

5. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

The fashion of Kitten Heels never gets old. Psychologically, for women who are afraid to wear stilettos or are worried they will fall, Kitten Heels Sandals are their first choice, but this is not mandatory.

Many women feel comfortable wearing kitten heels. These heels have less than 2 inches in height, which is acceptable for every woman.

You can wear it with all your outfits, whether jeans, long and short dresses, traditional dresses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitten Heels

Ques: Can you wear kitten heels?

Ans: Why not? Yes, of course, anyone can wear kitten heels—classy and stylish kitten heels and sandals.

Ques: Can you wear kitten heels with jeans?

Ans: You can wear kitten heels with a slim fit, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, bell-bottom, straight leg, and wide Leg Jeans.

Ques: Can you wear kitten heels with a dress?

Ans: Yes, you can wear kitten heels with a long and short dress.

Ques: When to wear kitten heels?

Ans: For regular use, for typical parties, if you are a college-going girl.

Ques: Are kitten heels easy to walk in?

Ans: Yes, Kitten Heels are easy to wear and comfortable to walk in.

Ques: Are kitten heels ugly?

Ans: No, Kitten Heels sandals are stylish and classy like other stilettos.

In Conclusion

I have mentioned the most popular heels above. Ankle strap heels, platform heels, block heels, kitten heels, and wedge heels are the top 5 heels that are most likely in every woman’s wardrobe.

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