Comfortable Heels

Which heels are most comfortable and how do choose comfortable heels?

“Add a statement to your personality with a perfect pair of heels”

Heels are so in fashion and all over the trend that you can’t resist having them. These are ladies’ favourite footwear. 

High Heels have significant benefits for women of all shapes and sizes. They can make your legs appear longer, make you taller, and put pressure on the muscle tone in the legs. 

On an additional note, heels can make any woman stylish and trendy. 

You can find varieties of heels in the market and in online stores too. 

Nowadays, online stores have more options than the physical market does, so people are rather doing and involved in online shopping as it is handier and has plenty of trendy and fashion-updated options.

Which heels are most comfortable?

There is a famous myth that heels are not comfortable enough, but it is all about the right choices. 

If every heel caused injuries and bad health problems, all actresses and models would be dying from bad health.

Along with fashion and trends, comfort is also important as comfortable heels can assure you durability, great support, and perfect posture. 

After all, who would prefer tired achy feet at the end of a hectic day? 

We find wedges to be the most livable heels. As they have a high platform, the heel angle doesn’t bother you as much.

 If you don’t prefer wedges, you can go for any kind of heel with platforms. They add height to the front of your foot, on which you put all of your weight while standing. 

You can find varieties of comfortable heels accessible in our online store, having different colors, styles, materials, and designs. 

Lists of comfortable heels: You can go for

  • wedges,
  • spool heels, 
  • stacked heels,
  • or chunky heels.

What could happen if you opt for bad quality or uncomfortable heels?

Despite having so many benefits, heels can cause discomfort if not chosen correctly. Bad choices of heels can result in:

  • Bad posture
  • Poor foot and backbone health,
  • Back pain
  • Bending knees
  • Scrunching toes
  • Pain in the Balls of the feet

Choosing comfort over style is always advisable, but fashion and trends are equally important. 

To avoid the above-mentioned condition, we brought you some solutions and very basic information on how to choose comfort-friendly heels.

Let’s find out!

How to choose comfortable heels?

Choosing a comfort-friendly heel might get difficult and confusing sometimes.

 No matter whether you shop from a physical store or an online store, you might get tricked into mind games by the shopkeepers.

They will try to sell you expensive heels that look fancy rather than comfortable ones to make profits. 

So it’s your responsibility to choose heels that are comfortable yet fashionable and do not cause blisters on your feet.

However, a pair of heels will never be able to provide you that much comfort level that sneakers can provide but our products can be comfortable enough to wear every day. 

We researched it and found some tricks and pre-shopping awareness before going to buy a pair of heels.

Let’s move forward to know the tips —

Go for a broader front heel for better stability 

Every woman thinks of stilettos when it comes to trendy and fancy heels but if you are more of a comfy person, stilettos might not suit you. 

As you know when you stand on heels, all your body weight accentuates your toes and that’s what causes pain and discomfort.

With an edgy and sharp pointed shape on the front of the heel, the weight cannot be equalized on the feet. To avoid pain and discomfort, always pick a wider heel. 

You can go for wedges, spool heels, stacked heels, or chunky heels.

Go for a shorter height of heels( 3 inches or 7.6 centimetres)

Bad quality heels can cause discomfort due to their height. The higher the height, the more discomfort there will be. 

It’s advisable to choose heels with a shorter height to maintain comfort. Always try to pick a pair of heels with 3 inches/7.6 centimetres or less. 

If you want more height, you can go for platform heel shoes as it doesn’t have a sharply pointed front and gives you more height without adding extra inches to the heel.

You can also go for pumps and kitten heels, these are the best choices for work.

Go for a less pointed toe  

No doubt, Pointed toe heels look sexy and stylish but scrunching your toes together is not what you would want if you are looking for comfort. So instead, go for round toes or almond-shaped toes. 

Choose heels with straps

If your heels are frequently slipping off your feet and causing discomfort, try to wear heels with straps so that some sort of ankle support is there. 

Don’t tighten the straps too much and don’t leave them loose too.

Go for leather shoes or high-quality vegan leather

Remember, our parents always tended to buy Bata’s shoes because of their good leather quality. Leathers are comfortable to wear and are not too stiffened.

Other heels are designed in a way to stay in a shape that causes stiffness whereas leather shoes fit and trace your foot shape. These will not cause blisters.

Measure your feet size frequently 

When going shopping, measure your feet and find out the accurate size. You may ask the salesperson to measure your feet. It will help you to find better and more comfortable heels.

Add Padding or gel pad on the back side of the heels

If your favorite heels cause blisters on the back of your foot, add some gel pads behind the back of the heel for support and comfort.

Why should you invest in comfortable heels?

We know women love to wear heels to add style to their personalities and to look elegant and taller. But besides that, we also care about our health.

Heels can cause many health-related problems if not chosen correctly and worn regularly. 

Here are some reasons why you should invest in comfortable heels:

  • To prevent blisters and achy feet
  • To improve body posture
  • To tone leg muscles
  • To improve blood flow
  • And to avoid social embarrassment

Don’t waste your money on stiff and uncomfortable heels because they will go in vain if invested in bad products that rarely last for a few weeks. 

In Conclusion

Overall, it is important to invest in comfortable heels to make them worthwhile as the right pair of heels can give you the perfect walk.

Our online store has some amazing pairs of heels that you will not regret after investing in them. You can explore our range of comfortable heels.

Buying good quality heels is a great deal of investment. 

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