Why do women wear high heels?: 5 Best Reasons

We all must have seen celebrities and singers showering their feminine energy when they wear those pencil or stiletto heels – I find no other accessory as adorning as women high heels.

Whether girls wear high heels sandals or not, all love the idea of how classy and influencing heels can be.

Designers are devoted to making safe and sound high heels for women to remove the fear from girls’ minds that sees high heels sandals as a discomfort.

When do women start wearing high heel sandals?

Guess What? High heels were initially made for MEN; it was not always the fashion thing for women.

Back then, in the times of 15th century, Persian soldiers adapted to wearing high heels to ensure extra protection of their feet.

As per an interview, a historian mentioned that the trend of wearing high heels sandals elevated more when males started wearing them for horse riding to secure the ropes of the saddle nicely.

Women started wearing high heels in the 16th century as an extravagant outfit accessory; some upper-class females only wore them to show their status, power, and dignity.

And when the fashion of such high heels footwear influenced the locals, designers realized that high heels for women must be safer and comfy to wear.

In mid-16th, vast changes and upgrades were made to make high heels more acceptable. Platforms and stilettos came into existence – their thick base gave more support to women walking.

All these changes in heel sandals result in the ease of stepping with more courage and a sense of high self-esteem.

Modern Era of High Heels Sandals

Today, a high heel for women varies in every aspect from designs, materials, heel height, cushioning, heel material, and more!

Each day, the brands compete with each other by offering something better and more valuable than the previous heel structures.

And now, males no longer desire to wear heels which are exclusively worn by women – they are the fancy and glamorous part of the outfit of females.

Depending on the occasion and celebration, a girl chooses the style and types of high heels sandals for adding that to a compatible dress!

5 Reasons Why Women Love High Heels Sandals

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Women act more Confident and Independent in High Heels Sandals –you must know what suits you the most and the tips to walk comfortably in high heels!

Despite the truth that high heels can cause spinal problems – ladies love wearing high heels sandals. You will put on those shoes no matter if you love or hate high heels.

Regardless of many negative health issues caused by wearing heels for a long time –Women love high heels for endless reasons.

I came to some highlighted reasons why women still love dressing in high heels!   

Girls Take the Charge with High Heels Sandals

Did you listen to the popular song, “I am not a woman, I am a God, I want Power, Not Love”? This is how women exactly feel when she wears high heels – she takes charge and acts like boss lady.

You must have seen many Businesswomen wearing heels; a professional woman will always be wearing heels – even if the heel height is low in inches.

High Heels Trend in Cover Magazines and TV Series

Cover magazines, Red Carpet, Vague, and New York Times are overloaded with Girls in high heels capturing women’s attention. Every new month, ladies try out what they find graceful and trendy.

The famous TV series “Sex and the City” also showed great concern about the love of high heels and how women level up once they decide to be in special high heel sandals.

Be More Persuasive with High Heels

Girls, you can make every head turn by putting your high-fashioned heels on! A woman becomes more approachable when wearing high shoes.

According to research, it is found that men are more likely to pursue women in high heels – respond more quickly to women wearing high heels sandals than the ones having medium-height shoes or flats on.

Women act like a Magnet with High Heels.

High heels naturally make you walk like a supermodel; you have to show your sassiest catwalk by cross-stepping – it makes people only stick their glance at you.

Putting on her high heels, sandals make the hips sway, show beautiful curves, and fix the posture – a lady ends up acting like a QUEEN.

Women act feminine by High heels and Sandals

The 21st century has raised many international feminists supporting gender equality – high heels sandals give a breath-taking chic appearance to a girl.

You can act more ladylike, girly, and feminine! High heels make the women hold their heads high but their shoulders back and remind them that they are WOMEN!

The Bottom Line

Social networks and the media have repainted the picture of high heels for women saying that they harm their health and posture and cause pain in the neck and back.

Sadly, people are seen to believe them without even trying out the heels as per their body type, weight, and taste!

The added height in heels makes a girl feel at the top – they act like true LEADERS with the right high-heeled shoes.

Even the tale of Cinderella curates a magical story behind the high heels and inspires a lot of women in society, especially from Europe and France – it eventually boosted the craze of high heel sandals among girls!

Isn’t the fashion of high heels for women as old as time that feel like a song as old as a rhyme?

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