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Why Don’t Indian Women Wear High Heels?: 7+ Reasons

No surprise, In India, wearing stilettos or any other type of heel is a part of a complicated conversation.

Although for the last five years, girls have started adding high heels to their attires.

However, many females prefer not to wear it regularly and will instead put it on special events.

Of course, not every lady falls in this category; nevertheless, for a few, wearing heels is a next to impossible thing.

And even a girl brought heels after thinking of it hundred times; the question is how many times will she repeat it?

Maybe once or never!

What do you think could be the possible reasons for this?

Why Don’t Indian Women Wear High Heels?: 6 Reasons

Even after designing the most comfortable and secure heels for women, stilettos freak them out.

And on top of that, it is not only about the women of India.

Girls do exist around the globe who do not wear high heels no matter how badly they want to.

Another point is that it is not a common reason behind it.

It may be different for you and something else for the other girl!

So, let’s know the most popular of them one by one.

High Heels are Uncomfortable

It is the most spread-out misconception about heels that we all believe.

Not every high heel for women means discomfort. The best quality heel makes you feel more secure and comfy.

Putting on the lousy quality heels for longer hours of the day will harm your feet.

However, a prime-quality heel hugs your skin and feet like a pillow.

Comfort is the true purpose of those stiletto heels made deluxe, comfy, and accessible.

So, if you are one of those ladies who have been rejecting heels, for this reason, I hope you got it right.

Stiletto Heels are Too Much to Wear

Do you think stilettos make you look a little extra?

Yes, they could, of course, as it looks so attractive, classy, and sassy as well.

However, heels such as sandals, platforms, peep-toe heels, and ankle straps are some of the best designs to wear for a delicate appearance.

The problem is that we think heels have only a single type, which is totally wrong.

Do check out our blog on different types of heels for more precise information.

And therefore, heels are never too much.

It all depends on the type of it. Choose footwear according to the event you are heading to, and it is all set! 

Stiletto Heels are not for Tall Girls.

Trust me; I have spent my whole life hearing this statement, pointless. Isn’t it?

I mean, I am 5’8, and I love wearing stilettos. They make me look double-gorgeous.

Let no one tell you heels are not for you!

Models of the biggest brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Zara, and Victoria’s Secret, whose models are way taller than you and do slay in high heels.

Furthermore, if it still makes you uncomfortable. Go with kitten heels, block sandals, mules, and cone heels, as they do not have sky-high heights.

Fear of falling from Stilettos

Some girls get afraid of high heels even without wearing them because they think they will slip and fall.

This fear of injury causes them to avoid those pretty heels.

With a bit of practice, a girl can quickly learn how to walk firmly in stiletto heels without falling.

However, there are indeed some precautions to look after when wearing heels, such as:

  • Avoid high heels on rainy days if you are going outside.
  • I prefer to block and wedge heels on a soft surface, such as in gardens and on bumpy roads.
  • Do hold grills and supporting handles while using stairs.
  • A slippery floor causes more heel accidents, so always get back to your mate partner while walking on plain smooth surfaces.
  • As a fresher, start your heel journey from shorter, then gradually increase the height.
  • You can place gel pads and cushions if a high heel is loose to your feet.

Heels Cause Blisters and Pain

For some females, stilettos mean Blisters and Pain!

I do agree on this point that many heels cause harsh to touch and irritation to the skin.

Again, it depends on the material being used in the construction of it.

Firstly, always invest in a better brand. Do read the fabric used in the heel design.

Secondly, you can apply gels, creams, and spray before moving into stiletto heels, sandals, and any kind of heels for women.

My weight is too heavy for Stilettos.

Gone is the time when beauty was measured with weight, color, and height!

If weight is the barrier between you and your favorite heels – maybe you need to switch to some authentic brand that offers a trusted quality of high heels for women.

The point to be noted here is that overweight ladies can try heels with extra support at the base.

Wedge heels, block heels, wedge botties, closed-toe block boots, and espadrille blocks.

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The Bottom Line

So, now we know that heels for women are an issue not only in India but for women around the globe who lack a sound education on it.

Also, girls and ladies do not wear them as long as it is not a party or a wedding. They avoid them due to the many insecurities we discussed earlier.

Hopefully, after reading the main reasons, many of you get solutions to each.

Heels do cause some issues as long as they do not belong to good manufacturers. Once you know the best fabric, heel height, and fit – you can turn the tables.

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